Our Filter jugs

Dafi water filtering system:            Why You should buy it?
? eliminates harmful substances from tap water
? makes water healthier and meals or beverages especially hot ones tasty (soups, sauces, coffee, tea etc.)
? makes hot beverages clear and free of scum
? reduces limescale and lengthens the lifespan of coffee machines,kettles, irons, humidifiers, bottle warmers, food steamers etc.

Useful at home and office !
? low running costs
? no installation required
? no electricity required
? food grade plastics
? smart fill lid enables easy filling without removing the lid.
? ergonomic handle
? non-slip base
? cartridge exchange indicator reminds to change filtering cartridge when needed
? stylish and space saving design
? fits most fridge doors
? dishwasher safe


Water is one of the most important gifts of nature, which man has used since the dawn of history. Why this compound is so important for us? The fact is that man not only came out of the water but also is build with 2/3 of water.



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